April 6-7, 2019 Teams

Due to an abnormally high number of registrations that listed either the incorrect grade or gender we are sending out this list of all teams for your confirmation.

Please review and respond ([email protected]) no later than Friday at 9PM. If you do not respond, we will assume that the information in this list is correct.

Any late response indicating that your team is in the wrong grade or gender is at risk of removal from the tournament without a refund. As you can imagine, changing a team that is in the wrong age or gender after building a schedule has a cascading effect on the entire thing.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you for a great weekend of basketball!

Boys 5th Hardwick Mustangs
Boys  5th Falcons.  AP
Boys  5th Central VT Warriors BB
Boys  5th Lamoille Lightning. 
Boys  5th U-32 Raiders
Boys  5th Morrisville Magic. TY
Boys  6th VT Blue Chips
Boys  6th Falcons  AP
Boys  6th U-32 Raiders
Boys  6th NEK Young Guns
Boys  6th River Valley Blue. PP
Boys  6th VT. Hoopsters
Boys  6th Enosburg Bulldogs CL
Boys  6th Lyndon Storm
Boys  7th Spruce Mtn Cagers
Boys  7th Falcons AF
Boys  7th Central VT Warriors BH
Boys  7th Woodstock Wasps
Boys  7th U-32 Raiders
Boys  7th Hardwick Mustangs
Boys  7th VT. Hoopsters
Boys  7th VT. Wolves
Boys  7th Barre Swish
Boys  7th Lamoille Lightning M
Boys  7th Bulldogs team 1
Boys  7th Lil Rangers
Boys  8th Orleans C. Challengers
Boys  8th Lamoille Lightning
Boys  8th U-32 Raiders
Boys  8th Falcons  AF
Boys  8th River Valley Black  AP
Boys 8th Enosburg Bulldogs W
Boys 9th Orleans C. Challengers
Boys 9th FC Elite
Boys 9th U-32 Raiders
Boys 10th River Valley Blue. AM
Boys 10th Orleans C. Challengers
Boys 11th NEK Catamounts
Boys 11th River Valley Blue. AM
Boys 11th Morrisville Magic
Boys 11th Hardwick Mustangs
Boys 11th Orleans C. Challengers
Boys 11th  River Valley Black Steven
Boys 11th  VT. Venom 
Girls 5th Falcons  
Girls 5th Green Streaks   JS
Girls 5th NorthStars 
Girls 5th Lady Rebels
Girls 5th Morrisville Magic
Girls 6th Central VT.Lady Warriors
Girls 6th Lamoille Lightning
Girls 6th Central VT. Elite. Wilson
Girls 6th VT. Lady Hoopsters
Girls 6th NEK Tarheels II
Girls 6th Lady Rebels
Girls 6th Falcons.  MB
Girls 7th Northern Fire KD
Girls 7th Cyclones
Girls 7th  Green Streaks.  BE
Girls 7th  Central VT.Lady Warriors
Girls 7th  Fast Break
Girls 7th  Tucks
Girls 7th  Falcons  MC
Girls 7th  U-32 Raiders G-Meeh
Girls 7th  Orleans C. Challengers
Girls 8th Kingdom Hurricanes 
Girls 8th VT Lady Hoopsters
Girls 8th NEK Tarheals   KL
Girls 8th Colebrook Mohawks 
Girls 8th Seacoast Thunder
Girls 8th Lamoille Lightning
Girls 9th Blue Devils
Girls 9th Green Streaks HL
Girls 9th Kingdom Sparks
Girls 9th VT Lady Hoopsters
Girls 9th Northwood Sting
Girls 10th Blue Devils
Girls 10th Green Streaks
Girls 10th Colebrook Mohawks
Girls 10th NEK Fusion
Girls 11th Central VT. Phoenix
Girls 11th Northwest Ice 
Girls 11th Central VT. Elite
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