Tourney Info and Rules

We are pleased to play our games in these  fine local gyms and support our local schools and athletes.  Please show respect for all the facilities.   Travel time between gyms is minimal.  We use  the Lyndon State College gym site as our central communication and check in site, and provide site administrators at all sites.    Other area facilities are used when needed.

  • * Lyndon State College, 1001 College Road, Lyndonville, VT 05851
  • Lyndon Institue, Institute Circle, Lyndonville, VT 05851
  • Lyndon Town School, 2591 Lily Pond Rd, Lyndonville, VT 05851
  • Concord High School, 173 School St, Concord, VT 05824
  • Hazen Union High School, 126 Hazen Union Dr, Hardwick, VT 05843
  • Hardwick Elementary School  Main Street, Hardwick VT 05843
  • Cabot High School, Main Street, Cabot   VT

Game Rules:

We  allow plenty of time for our games to be played according to standard high school rules.  We encourage our IAABO officials to call the game consistent with these rules.  We do deviate from the standard rules with the  number of time outs allowed and in overtime situations.  See rules below.

  • Two 16 min halves, 5 min halftime ( grades 7-12)
  • Two 14 min halves, 5 min halftime (grades 5 -6)
  • 5 minute warmup period
  • Timeouts:
    • 2 timeouts per half
    • no carryover
    • all timeouts are full ( 60 seconds )
  • Fouls:
    • 1 and 1 bonus begins on seventh foul
    • 2 shots begin on the tenth foul
  • Technical Fouls:
    • Standard in game rules
    • Second technical results in removal from gym for remainder of game
    • Three technical fouls results in becoming ineligible for remainder of tournament
  • Overtime:
    • 3 minute, 2nd OT 2 minutes, 3rd OT golden score (first to score)
    • 1- 60 second timeout per overtime period, no carryovers
  • Home team is the first team listed
  • Game ball is best ball from either team: standard size for boys and girls.
    •  5th & 6th grade will use 28.5 ball size unless both coaches agree to use a larger ball
  • “Mercy” rule:   “Sportsmanship” should guide all coaches in this situation.
    • Rule is not triggered automatically
    • Lead must be 20+ points
    • Coach of the losing team may ask for running time, otherwise stop time continues
    • Sportsmanship is expected at all times.
    • Team Responsibilities:
  • Please be at your gym and ready to play at least 20 minutes before game time.  Games can start earlier than scheduled game time if both teams and coaches are ready to play.  The site administrator will determine game time if a conflict arises.
  • Home team will provide the book keeper, we encourage both teams to have a bookkeeper at the table.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled game time
  • Provide their own warm up balls
  •  Each team must have coach on sidelines at all times. Please do not ask us to schedule games so a coach can coach two teams.  You must have a coach for each team entered in the tournament.

Facility Rules:

  • Water and sport drinks are allowed in the gyms.
  • Site director and Clock keeper will oversee games at each site. Any Questions see them.
  • Teams must provide their own medical supply needs.
  • Gyms will open at 7:30 each morning
  • Any person who does not show good sportsmanship will be asked to leave.
  • A Championship Trophy will be awarded in each age division

Championship Determination

Teams that finish undefeated will be declared champion in their age level bracket. If two teams finish 3-1 the champion will determined by the following criteria:

  1. Head to head competition between the 3-1 teams
  2. Point spread of wins over teams in the same bracket. Max point spread that will count in this calculation is 10 points.
  3. If the result is still a tie, co-champions will be declared

Final determination will be determined by the Rules Committee of the Kingdom Basketball Club.

Sportsmanship Award

Each year the Kingdom Basketball Club recognizes a team that stands out in the area of sportsmanship. The winner of this award, chosen by the officials and tournament personnel, is the team (players and coaches) that displays the best sportsmanship, positive attitude, and courteousness, both on the court and off, during the tournament.

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